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Association Artichoke Vega Baja del Segura

Association of professionals assigned to the artichoke product in Vega Baja, such as producers, marketers, processors, duly constituted groups in the catering sector, technical support services to the sector, as well as public institutions interested in the development of the product and whose Purposes are as follows:

  • Improve the agricultural production of the Vega Baja artichoke, and promote its varietal improvement.
  • Ensure the quality of Vega Baja artichoke.
  • Differentiate and prestige the product before the consumer.
  • Promote and defend the quality of artichoke from the low valley, both in the national and international markets.
  • Fostering agriculture in harmony with the environment.
  • Contribute to the organization and structuring of the sector, increasing its competitiveness.
  • Homogenize the product at the points of sale.
  • To improve the qualification of the professionals of the agricultural sector and of the rural environment and of the workers, technicians and personnel linked to the industrial agro-alimentary sector and especially to the artichoke sector.

The municipality of Almoradi, through its Department of Agriculture, has been a promoter and active part in the creation of this association.