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Active tourism

Cultural Heritage Route


The Department of Tourism programs numerous patrimonial routes throughout the year; Free visits in order to promote knowledge of Almoradí’s cultural and historical heritage.

The start time is at 10:30 am from the Tourist Info Almoradi office, in the Plaza de la Constitución. (Required registration by email to turismo@almoradi.es or Tourist Info, limited places).

The route discovers the ancient limits of Almoradí, before the fateful earthquake of 1829, transporting us to the past through its history and with the visit of the main buildings of Almoradí.

During the route, characters from the past will appear to tell us their history and approach the Almoradí that was born with the new route that reaches to our days.

You can download the brochure of this route by clicking here.

Cultural Heritage:

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Green Routes


The Council of Tourism of the City of Almoradí organizes for several years these Green Routes, addressed to all the public. During these trajectories you can see the peculiarities of the typical landscape of almoradi.

The green routes are organized once a month, except for the months of January, August and December. The green routes start at 10:30 in the morning and the starting point is the Tourist Info Almoradí office, in the Plaza de la Constitución.

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the Green Night Route is organized, which is held on this occasion Friday night, and runs along the roads and the Segura river sotos, the municipal term. An alternative of family leisure that every year gains more adepts, being the most multitudinous of all.

You can download the leaflet of the green routes by clicking here.

To register for any of the routes, please send an email to almoradi@touristinfo.net or the Tourist Info office.

Route de La Huerta

This route is formed by three roads that form a perfect circuit for those who wish to know the most traditional form of our orchard.

On the road to Moñino, Mayayo and Gomares road, which are next to the Pascual Andreu School, you can visit from the most typical crops of the area (oranges, lemons, artichokes, etc.) to the fauna and flora Autochthonous. All this can be known during a pleasant walk of approximately four kilometers that can be realized in little more than an hour.

Check the itinerary here.

Route de Los Mazones

This path coincides with the historic real livestock route called “Colada de los Pastores”, which came from the south of the region to Dolores, passing through Almoradí.

In this route you can find one of the largest trees in the region: Ficus de los Mazones (Picus Macrophylla). This centenary tree presents a spectacular vision, definitely a site worth visiting.

Throughout the tour you can enjoy the landscape of the orchard and the different crops that are produced in our land, to finally reach the Segura River.

This journey can be completed in approximately two hours.

Check the itinerary by clicking here.

Other routes of interest

Other paths worthy of mention for maintaining its traditional landscape offering various possibilities to enjoy our garden are:

  • Camino de la Fogaría
  • Camino de Catral
  • Camino del Azarbe Soler
  • Camino de Rambla
  • Camino del Gabato
  • Camino de las Ranas
  • Colada del Río
  • Camino de la Venta
  • Camino de los Arríos
  • Camino de la Mota
  • Camino del Jardín
  • Camino de las Papetas
  • Camino del Azarbe Viejo
  • Vereda del Cabildo


Route de las Ermitas

Going through the history of Easter Almoradí, we find the first Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods from the eighteenth century, when they began to be structured in associations and especially around some families to worship an image.

After the Civil War the Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods are restructured and new ones arise, which have been evolving and growing until our days.

This evolution, along with the increase in participation in each of the Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods, as well as in the influx of public and visitors, led to the September 14, 2009, the Almoradí Holy Week Declaration As Festival of Local Tourist Interest of the Valencian Community.

The high heritage value of Holy Week in Almoradí will be the main bulwark of this route, in which its participants will be able to delight their senses with the excellent works of art that will be visited, all of them protagonists of our Holy Week.

Several routes are organized on dates prior to Holy Week, aimed at schoolchildren, as well as a nightlife addressed to the general public.


In the Tourist Info Almoradí or sending an email to almoradi@touristinfo.net

Participating Hermitages:

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