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Our gastronomy, our Treasure

The gastronomy of Almoradi has a wide range of possibilities. Elaborated with the best products of the garden and the sea, it presents a high quality and variety. Elaborated by ancestral recipes, this legacy being one of the greatest treasures of the population.

The exquisite recipes elaborated more traditional in the homes, and with a touch modernist, but without losing its essence, in the restaurants, become one of the main attractions of Almoradí.

Numerous dishes made with its star product, the artichoke, allow you to taste this product in a thousand ways, the most delicious of them.

Almoradí currently has two associations in the sector: the Restaurant Association and the Hospitality Association. Both participate and organize numerous events throughout the year, such as Gastronomic Days, participation in local fairs, Jornadas de la Tapa or the most important event that takes place in Almoradí as far as gastronomy is concerned: the National Congress of Artichoke The Vega Baja del Segura.

Typical Recipes

Where to eat

Hostelry Association

The Hotel Associacion of Almoradi is formed by:




Rest. Los Infantes C/Dinamarca 32


Pastelería La Roja C/ Ramón y Cajal 652162825
El Kiosko de la Plaza Plaza de la Constitución, S/N 626980878
Rest. Nuevo Cesar C/ Orihuela, Polígono la Fábrica (Daya Nueva) 672778306
Bar. Tropicana 2 C/ Cervantes 1 636115288
Cervecería C/ Mayor 91 C/ Mayor 91 966781978
Rest. Martín C/ Rosalía de Castro 3 (Saladar) 965701562
Café Pub M.I.6 C/ Dr. Flemig 14, Esq. Calle Mayor 647624286
Rest. La “U” Avda. Principe España 965700870
Boutique Dulce C/ Amparo Quiles 15, Bajo Izq 650109742
Bar-Caf Terminal de Autobuses C/ Médico Julio García García 691349904
Bar Murciano Av. Orihuela, 15 965700007
Café Irlanda C/  Canalejas 966782543
Cervecería el Pozal C/ Liceo Politécnico, 2
Cervecería Ángel Plaza de la Constitución, 22 965702598
Café La Plaza C/ Virgen del Pilar 5
Pub Mezquita C/ La Purisima 10 607609111
The Blue Clover Irish Pub C/ Canalejas 21
Pub Tragos C/ Gregorio Martinez, 2 965702188
Pizzería Maus C/ Doctor Sirvent esq con avenida EL Bañet 965067947

Restaurant association

Currently formed by five establishments of Almoradí, in which tradition and creativity in the kitchen go hand in hand, surprising each one of its dishes.

This association carries out several activities and events annually, such as participation in local promotional fairs, the Artichoke Tunnel, the Gastronomic Show or the National Congress of the Artichoke, event the latter organized for the first time in 2012 and with great impact at the level National, with the participation of many cooks of great prestige, and that at the same time carried out the realization of several popular contests.

The partner establishments are:

  • Restaurante “El Cruce”: C/ Camino Catral, 156. Tlf: 966780559 y 965700356
  • Bar Restaurante “Angelín S.L”: C/ Camino de Catral, 33. Tlf: 965700878
  • Restaurante “Silvino”: Avda. Príncipe de España, 8. Tlf: 966780523
  • Restaurante “El Buey”: C/ La Reina, 94. Tlf: 966781593
  • Salones Pascual: C/ Manuel Gonzalez, 965702783